Hi!  I'm Alicia Barrington; I'm a storyteller...glad to meet you!

By storyteller, I truly mean photographer.  
My photography is designed to tell a tale...YOUR tale specifically, and that's why I'm so glad you're here. 

Whether that journey is of your love, the growth of your family, or just some fun photos of you to document an awesome moment in time, I'm there!  aBP uses a combination of photo-journalistic and classic portraiture to capture candid and emotional moments.  We are not above making a fool of ourselves to solicit the most natural smile and laugh possible...hope you're ready for some lame jokes...I'm armed with tons.

I have been photographing weddings and lifestyle moments since 2007 and studied fine art photography at UNC Charlotte.  I live in South Charlotte with my husband and our two giant dogs Remi and Leila.  I am a yogi, I live in leggings, and I'm a self proclaimed connoisseur of cheese and popcorn.  I also have to admit that my bloodstream is about 80% caffeine.

I love love and life and light and that's why I'm passionate about capturing memories, telling stories, and giving you the opportunity to share them forever.

That's enough about me.  Email and say hello!  
I'd love to hear what story you have to tell!

Photo courtesy of our friends at Haley Joy Photography

Photo courtesy of our friends at Haley Joy Photography