Jared + Nate | HRC Gala Auction Winners

I had the unique opportunity to donate a portrait package to the HRC NC Silent Auction this past February.  It was such an honor to be able to donate my time to those fighting the good fight and advocating for LGBTQ equality here in North Carolina.  Jared and Nate were the winners of the package I donated, and MAN, I think I'm the one who won with these two!

Every so often I photograph a couple and I'm just completely captured by their love and their laughs.  Nate is a comedian...I don't think Jared and I stopped laughing the whole hour the three of us spent together (with bonus points for them bringing their dogs...score!).  They have so much fun and when they proposed doing a "staged progressively tipsy" photo session, complete with Nate carrying Jared out for dramatic effect, I was sold.  Apparently, this whole relationship may have started with a first date, some drinks, some MORE drinks, a broken ankle, and Nate to the rescue, so paying homage was a MUST.  We took over the Music Factory and had a ball.

Thank you guys for being the best and sharing your love!  Hope to see you again soon!

Cameron's 1st Birthday

I'm a very luck lady...I have 3 beautiful nieces and a handsome nephew that are all seasoned to having their Aunt Sha-sha (because Alicia is way too hard to say!) in their face with a camera.  It's a special and unique opportunity I have to photograph milestone events for my family.  When my love for photography and family collide it's always a good time!

My youngest niece turns 1 this week - I remember vividly visiting her in the hospital for the first time as the Gilbert's were preparing for their trip home from the hospital.  I had never held a newborn and teared up while she slept quietly in my arms.  She spiked my baby fever to 200 degrees and I was in love at first sight with her little face!  I had the honor of providing her with a fresh diaper (note: newborn poop was NOT what I was expecting it to be!) and getting her into her go home outfit and off we went to spend the afternoon getting to know this tiny human.

Fast forward a year - My husband and I visited my sister in law and her husband's home to celebrate this sweet babe on Sunday and things got MESSY!  I'd also like to mention the amount of FOOD this child ate...a whole plate of barbecue and half of a chocolate smash cake...IMPRESSIVE...a girl after her always hungry Sha-sha's heart.  Can't wait for this little bit to grow into an awesome big kid and to take photos of her and her sister soon.  

Here's a glimpse into her celebration...